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Siena Las Vegas

Those are some expensive cheeses. I guess it's not much when taken occasionally but that will surely come in handy for those special times. :)

air jordan 1

love your hair...where do you get it done?

food delivery philippines

oh wow! great having a very expensive cheese on your burger is make complete,i wanna try to eat this on of a kind. :)



you are the most beautiful woman i have ever laid my eyes on... and you like the finer things in life... perfect. Keep up the Great Work ! D.

Edward Blake

you are amazing...i love your hair...where do you get it done?


What would be the "cheese from a snowy angels breast"- it is listed as an incredient in the world's most expensive hamburger- Boca Raton's Old Homestead steakhouse?


Woah! that cheese is spendy! never knew that before, thanks!

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