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I agree with you completely. I admit - I am a total cheese-o-holic as well as a cheese snob and I am totally fine with that! A little GOOD cheese goes a long way! It takes a lot of BAD cheese to get anywhere near the flavor - and the texture can be so gross.

Tout Un Fromage

I agree with you ! I agree, I agree !


I agree with you. Fake cheese is awful. I was never as terrified as when I went into an American supermarket for the first time and saw cheese in a jar, cheese in a tube and even cheese in a whip cream canister. I don't even want to buy cream in those canisters let alone cheese! And it's fluorescent orange. That's not cheese, that's ear wax! I couldn't believe that it existed, let alone that people ingested it. But having said that, I'm an Australian and I eat vegemite (with cheese), and if anyone knows what vegemite is they know I shouldn't be turning my nose up at cheese whiz. We all have our vices :) By the way, love the blog. Cheese, cheese, cheese.


I have a soft spot in my heart for cheese spreads... like Boursin. Recently, though, I found some really great *actual* cheese spreads from Brunkow Farms (in Wisconsin). They don't have any preservatives, and several are actually made from unpasteurized (raw) milk--so they are very flavorful and delicious.


Great post!

I recently had a conversation with my (older!) sister, where I had to explain to her that her plastic shrink wrapped crackel barrel cheddar is not real cheese.... then I had to try my hardest to explain to her what real cheese is... it was futile, and in the end she said she'd prefer the "normal stuff"

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