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Peccole - I hope you have the opportunity to taste a much wider variety of cow's milk cheeses.

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Cheese from cow's milk is great but I find goat's milk a little bit tastier. I don't know why but it's just that way for me. :) But this one might be a little different, I have a feeling.

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looks so delicious!


onsequently, it frequently looks like almost all of the crowd has chosen to get roaring drunk just before they arrive in this area. Which could possibly be excellent enjoyable when the climatic conditions is apparent, and the temperatures aresomeplace mentioned before the freezing mark. But if it could be 30 degrees or decrease, and yes it actually is drizzling or raining or snowing, this is not an area wherever you want to spend six or eight hours standing all over with two million within your finest (drunken) pals

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it was so good. I didn't know about it, and this was the first blog I clicked on, and now I know more about it!! Thanks for the info!


I recently did a blog post on Reypenaer Cheese - have you come across it? You might want to check it out - the secret is in how the cheese is naturally matured!

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