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Yes! I agree with you a 100 percent on this. If we don't plan to eat something, then maybe storing it in the freezer is the best idea. I sure hate wasting food, many people are going through days without having to eat anything and we are lucky that we have the luxury of being able to eat healthily. We should appreciate that.

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I just purchased the Tefal Filterfresh Cheese Cellar (um, the large one of course)in France for use back home in the States. The people whose home we were guests at used it constantly. It works. It's easy (you just take the top off and use it as a tray at the table)and your cheeses are kept MUCH longer than the usual Saran-wrap (ugh!). If you love cheese, find this at all cost!!


Here in the uk there is a great company called Lakeland ( Have a look at their Tefal Cheese Preserver, it might be just what you need!


Thanks Leon for adding more color! I love the icecream analogy, it helps to understand what is going on. Hope you and your blog are doing well.

Leon the Milkman

Nice article, as always, Nadia.

The rancidity is from the formed ice crystals actually punctering cells and allowing enzymes like lipase to react with fats. Water freezes out if it can - you see this in ice cream that thawed and was refrozen. Big ice crystals. The cheese is usually too hard for this to be so apparent to the eye, but the rancidity gives it away.

Leon the Milkman

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