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Southern Highlands Las Vegas

I think so. If there's someone that can come up with a recipe to make fit with the season right now, it's got to be you. :) Good food is good anytime anyway.

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Enjoy your summer, enjoy your cheese.aha, it is delicious.

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My solution at the time was to roll up my sleeves and grate away, seal the grated cheese in a zip-loc bag, and toss it into the freezer. When I came to use it in cooking a week or so later I would tell myself that everything was fine, but really both the cheese and I were crying inside. The cheese was dead, and there was no saving it.


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Summer is when I eat the most cheese :) Warm days sat outside having lunch which consists of yummy breads and cheeses. Mmmmm Happy days!

Dofino in the USA

yeah,cheese is still being consumed so you can serve it. Just be conservative


I like cheese...

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I also like cheese in all different kinds,
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"pass on a runny Epoisses"? This is sacrilege! I'm revoking your cheese credentials!

-- Jack (who, fortunately, lacks the authority to revoke anything)


When I used to cater ("Beauty and the Feast"), one of my most popular finger foods was dried apricots (Royal Blenheims, not the ones that are like ear cartilage) with goat cheese and a basil chevron. The flavors combine to make an ethereal and potent blend that transcends the individual components. Hot weather wouldn't hurt the goat cheese that much, but the blistering sun would probably dry them out.

Try them and let me know if you love them.


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